AC Insulation With Aluminium Foil quotation

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    28. August 2019
    EPDM foam adopted the latest rubber-plastic modify tech in the world and introduced into the world-leading perpetual aluminum foil composite technology and the relevant equipments. The main raw materials are polyethylene (PE) and Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer (EPDM). It has no PVC, gives out low smoke and non-toxic matter, you can use it safely. The product’s insulation performance for heating and vapor was wholly improved from the common rubber plastic foam material.
    Product Details
    Flame retardent:B1
    Type:Other Heat Insulation Materials
    The teach improves the material performance ulteriorly and prolongs the using time.
    • it protects the aluminum foil perfectly
    • it has high intension and good water/vaapor desperate ability.
    • it can bear high temperature,last strong binding ability long.
    • it has better binding ability for its special proceeding
    Product Applications
    Because the foamed from PE and EPDM,soft properties and intension have both improved,so the material is hard to be damaged,and easy to be installed.
    For the material is safe and nonpoisonous,and easy to install,Widely used in public facilities,business buildings,marketing places,hospitals,medical,ectrical and other workshops,etc.
    Range of Specifications of Sheet Products
    Ps:1,The above specifications are common specifications,if special specifications are needed,they can be made according to customer’srequirements.
    2,moisturizing materials neet to be more than 30mm thick,using multi-layer overlapping packaging until the required thickness.
    *Strong poly bag and carton packagingAC Insulation With Aluminium Foil quotation
    website:China AC Insulation with Aluminium Foil Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory - Buy Customized AC Insulation with Aluminium Foil - Huizhan