China Landscaping Grass Mats

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    22. Oktober 2019
    Brand Story
    In an era of pursuing sustainable development, the demand for wood in various fields is in short supply, and the driving of interests has led to the massive deforestation of forests. The global forest surface has been reduced and the ecological environment has been destroyed...
    Leadflor seeks a high-tech alternative to wood from the perspective of protecting natural resources and the ecological environment. After years of continuous exploration and research, new composite PVC flooring came into being. Leadflor is bringing the relaxed and safe lifestyle to the customers, advocating noble, natural and peaceful home life, and deducting Leadflor life.
    Brand Specialization
    Leadflor introduces the world's top production equipment and technology, has modern standard factory buildings, has many national technology patents, has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, won the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification, CE International safety certification and many other honors.
    Leadflor promises that any piece of Leadflor flooring, all technical indicators are higher than the national standards, fully guarantee the quality of each floor, so that consumers feel at ease and peace of mind.
    Brand Vision
    Leadflor provide a new choice for enhancing the taste of consumers' life and become a leading brand in the industry.
    Leadflor blends the concept of elegance, pursuit and fashion into every pieces of floor, allowing you to enjoy the art.
    Leadflor,“Protect the forest, advocating nature, enjoy the quality life”.China Landscaping Grass Mats
    website:China PVC Flooring Roll, PVC Flooring Tiles, Artificial Grass Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory - Leadflor Industrial CO., Ltd