Ding Xinda activated carbon interstitial

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    9. März 2021
    Adsorption capacity refers to the amount of adsorbents adsorbed on the adsorbent per unit mass under certain conditions. It is usually expressed in terms of K adsorbents /kg of adsorbent or mass percentage, which is a sign of the adsorption capacity of the adsorbent.

    In industry, the amount of adsorption is called the activity of the adsorbent. activated carbon pellets wholesale

    The activity of the adsorbent can be expressed in two ways :(1) the static activity of the adsorbentUnder certain conditions, the equilibrium adsorption capacity of the adsorbent is its static activity.For a certain adsorption system, the static activity depends only on the adsorption temperature and the concentration or partial pressure of the adsorbed substance.
    In this paper, E-L equation and IAST theory are used for theoretical prediction and analysis of multi-component adsorption equilibrium, and compared with experimental results.

    The results show that although the prediction of total adsorption amount by E-L equation is in good agreement with the experimental results, the prediction of each component adsorption amount by E-L equation often produces positive and negative deviation, and the average error is usually more than 20%.

    However, IAST can eliminate the positive and negative deviation well, and the average error is less than 10%, which is more consistent with the experimental results.Ding Xinda activated carbon interstitial

    The operating parameters showed that the adsorption capacity of activated carbon would decrease with the increase of temperature, gas velocity or humidity.

    The appropriate operating range is: temperature within 40℃, gas speed between 0.1~0.5 m/s, humidity is best not more than 40%.
    coal based granular activated carbon
    In this range, the relationship between pressure drop and gas velocity basically conforms to Ergun equation.