Food Feed Safety Elisa Kit suppliers

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    15. Januar 2020
    The Furantoin Elisa Kit is an indirect method competitive enzyme-linked immunoassay for the quantitative detects the presence of Furantoin residue in samples of aquatic products, tissues (pork, beef, lamb, chicken, etc.), and egg.
    Incubation Time: 30min + 15min
    Assay Time Requirement: Less than 2 hours
    Detection Range: 0.05-4.05ppb
    The Furantoin Elisa Kit is an indirect method competitive enzyme-linked immunoassay. The assay is performed in ELISA microwells, which are pre-coated with Furantoin antigen.
    When sample is placed into a microwell, the free Furantoin antigens in the sample will compete with the pre-coated Furantoin antigens to combine the Furantoin antibodies. The Furantoin-antibodies complex will bind to the enzyme conjugated secondary antibody. After that, the unbound materials will be removed in a washing step. Then, two substrates are added into the microwell. The bound enzyme conjugate will convert the colorless substrate into blue. The color will change from blue to yellow after adding stop solution.
    Absorbance is then measured spectrophotometrically (450 nm) and colour intensity results are inversely proportional to the original Furantoin content in the sample. Sample concentrations are then calculated on the basis of a calibration curve derived from the calibrators.Food Feed Safety Elisa Kit suppliers
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